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Philippine Garden Wedding

An outdoor wedding sometimes evokes images of a wonderful scenic view such as overlooking a cliff or the ocean side. A Philippine garden wedding, on the other hand, is a type of outdoor ceremony that is steeped in the simplicity and beauty of a garden, and it can be as formal or informal as the couple wants.

Lighting - Philippine garden wedding advise that you should consider the amount of natural light that will be present at the time of the ceremony. Are there trees around the site that can help shade you and your guests during the wedding ceremony, or will you need to bring in a tent for shelter? Lighting is also something to discuss with your official wedding photographer ahead of time.

Temperature - If you have chosen a hot time of year for the wedding, you might want to pick an Philippine garden wedding location that also has indoor air conditioned facilities nearby for your guests' comfort, as needed. If your selected wedding will take place in the early spring or late rainy days, you should consider the possibility that temperatures could be cooler than anticipated, and if this happens, are you prepared to bring in outdoor space heaters if needed?

Accessible Services - Try to choose a Philippine garden wedding location that has access to public facilities such as restrooms, parking, and a place for food service. Many brides hold a wedding and then conduct their reception at a nearby indoor location. This can provide the best of both worlds: the presence of nature and the comfort of indoor dining.

Decorations - The type of decorations you choose will depend largely on the formality of the Philippine garden wedding and the chosen location. You may find that little to no decorations are needed, especially if you have chosen an area based on its aesthetic appeal, such as a rose garden, for example. If you do decide to decorate, you'll want to be sure that the chosen decorations will withstand all types of weather. For example, an ice sculpture in July is never a good idea for your Philippine garden wedding, and you don't want elaborate or tall decorations in an area that is prone to high winds.
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